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d455ce91-21e3-46b0-8c6b-e8e42e60dd35Samuel came to meet Christ in 1998 having lost his father which left him a hopeless life. Samuel’s commitment to Christ began in 2003 serving children in several villages in Uganda, and in 2005 he had a disturbing dream of a child eating from a trash bin. Samuel woke up! He felt strongly, although he only had little to give, still he could provide something that would help the child in his dream to survive.
Truly I tell you, this became alive before his eyes when a woman told him about a toddler – one and half year old girl. She was abandoned. She was left wrapped in rags in a local canteen by an unscrupulous parent. The Holy Spirit moved Samuel to take action. Soon, the number of children needing help grew and today he and his staff minister to 25 kids including Grace who lost her eye sight due to malaria. Samuel’s hope is to care for 100 kids by the end of 2015 who have lost either one or both parents due to HIV/AIDS. Would you join in supporting this work today to achieve this goal!

The Reverand Annie Melick and Lyle

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