Transform the lives of others

You can completely transform the life of a child who is in immense need through our sponsorship program. Sponsors often tell us that their sponsored child gives them so much more than they ever imagined in the way of love and gratitude. Sponsorship changes lives on both continents. The children in our program...

Purchase Handmade Items

You can purchase handmade items from our kids in Uganda. This is one way of how to support this work and raising funds for the ministry. Most of our Kids still need Sponsors. Our daily activities and events needs much of your support, please consider purchasing a hand made craft made by our...

Get involved to give your contribution

Make a donation – make a one-time donation to Samuel’s Kids Ministries International (SA. KI. MI) or give regularly to help even more. All donations are significant and we appreciate the generosity of all who give. To do this noble work effectively, the Orphanage and Ministry needs your support. Whether you are able...



Build Samuel’s Kids Home


Meet a Child


Ministry Land Purchase