Samuel Ssengooba. M came to meet Christ in 1998 after losing his father at 3 years of age. Samuel Ssengooba. M lived with his grandparents at almost no support and help- he started a life of supporting himself through charcoal sell, and got involved in roadside businesses trying to make life and supporting himself but still life was very complicated then. Because of the persecution and rejections he experienced through at his tender age, this drew him closer to chances of thinking about Eternal life. Samuel Ssengooba. M got to meet Christ in his life at his 11 years and continued his life after the encounter.
He then got involved in reaching out to many children in his village but his commitment began in 2003, after serving children in several villages and in 2005, Samuel had a disturbing dream of a child eating from a trash bin. When he awoke up, he felt strongly that although he only had a little to give, still he could provide something that would help the child in his dream survive.
Truly I tell you, Samuel Ssengooba. M’ dream became true before his eyes when a woman told him about a toddler- one and a Half year old girl (FAITH) – she was left wrapped in rags in a local canteen by an unscrupulous and unidentified parent. The Holy Spirit moved Samuel to take action. Soon, the number of children needing his help grew and today Samuel and his staff minister to 30 orphans and abandoned children including GRACE who lost her eye sight {Blind} due to malaria at their rented orphanage. Because of God’s saving mercy the kids, “Faith” and “Grace” today are growing up and lives with us at the orphanage.
Over the time, at Samuel’s late 20’s he has made remarkable strides in his effort to nurture, care for, and give the children hope for a brighter future despite his meager and overstretched resources.  Today, the orphanage houses four full time caregivers who attend to the children’s spiritual, physical and emotional needs as they share the gospel to these children, under the supervision of the Board of Directors who are made up of local leaders and Pastors. Samuel’s Kids Ministries International ( formerly Children Saved by Jesus Ministry Uganda) is hoping to rescue and care for 100 orphans by the end of the year who have lost either one or both their parents due to HIV/AIDS and some have their parents terminally ill due to this disease. We are trusting God to be used to create a change in an aching communities throughout Ugandan villages. WATCH THIS TO LEARN SAMUEL’S VISION!