Dear Prayer Partners, Friends, and Well Wishers!
As we were rejoicing from working on our garden and the new home we are building, we got a notice to immediately vacate the temporary rented orphanage home we had just moved into last year April 2016.

We discussed whether to move from the rental home to another place as we finish our own permanent building (Orphanage Home), but the management has not given us enough time.  After the family put a “For Sale” sign on the property without notifying us first, several companies expressed interest in purchasing it.  We have not been able to arrange to stay there for a few more months until the new building is ready for us.

We have had much difficulty working with the owners, incurring unexpected costs and demands, along with them changing policies.  The neighborhood is rough, and the situation has been tough to work with, though we have done what we could to make the best of it – too much of the situation is beyond our control.

Today, we have been given short notice to vacate the house before Tuesday, April 18, only 48 hours from now! That leaves us only Easter and Monday. We have been left with no alternative and limited options just to move the kids to a different house, which we must do. Yet the orphanage home we are building still requires more funds to complete. Details will follow in our upcoming newsletter on this.

Tonight we need to raise a total amount of $880 (US Dollars) that will help us meet the following; $180 for shifting costs and documents from local authority / police authorization for movement, and rent for May and June, $360 each month, needed by the time we move.  The new landlady is throwing the rest of April in at no charge – Praise God for this! And any support toward this need would be appreciated, please click Donate and any extras will help with feeding the kids.

We have found another house we can move the kids into; from what I observed, the place is more secure, convenient, and has better privacy. I didn’t take pictures for this communication, but I will try to very soon. It will give us more rooms, as you will see in pictures when I get them. We are doing our best in the shortest time of less than 48 hours; we have to quickly resettle the children into another house.

Feel free to visit our Website  or and give a hand in this. The kids will appreciate you for your help during this. The kids will have to miss school for these few days as we settle them into another place, depending on how God moves this mountain. For more info, please contact me at +256 787 247 587 or e-mail me;

Thank you for your prayers, support, and considering this!