Dear friends,

As we were driving back from the airport, we received a phone call from police about a malnourished child, Salvador, click on here to WATCH SALVADOR’S VIDEO, aka “Ryan,” who was deserted by his parents in their house. It was a dilapidated place where we rescued him from the verge of death, crawling on the floor like an insect; his body smeared all over with human waste. At the back behind a blue basin was the bedding he could use on many cold nights. He had been locked up in the canteen room where they sold tomatoes, onions, and other food stuff in front, with a bar club connected to it. This little boy is malnourished and dehydrated, has intestinal worms and diarrhea, and is restless, weak, and very sick, dying of hunger and constantly crying out for help. His mental ability and mood are unstable, and he is non-verbal, though he can follow simple directions. He tested as iron deficient / anemic with a lot of bacteria and infection; genital lymph edema that has caused a lot of swelling and pain in his private parts and scrotum, which leaves him with difficult urination; and thickening or hardening of the skin. (For privacy, photos available upon request.)

Salvador has lived a tragic and hopeless life for two years in this condition, which has damaged him physically, emotionally and socially—he needs $900 for his immediate medical care, along with other basic needs such as bedding; blanket; and bed but one dollar and ninety-nine cents could help restore his life – untreated worms, sickness, and infections are robbing him of his nutrition and stunting his growth. But we believe God is going to use him in a mighty way, that someday he will be a grown man, shaking nations and testifying unto the Lord Jesus. Hallelujah!!! Please click DONATE to help tonight!

You can help. Your pocket change can end his suffering — and perhaps even help restore his life — because you can help him become healthy again.

The police here asked Samuel’s Kids Ministries International Orphanage home to help because we have a solid track record of effectiveness and efficiency. Every dollar you give today will help purchase his medicine and the supplies needed as he starts his new life at Samuel’s Kids Orphanage …..every gift of $25 goes a long way toward life saving aid for Salvador and these  Children in need at the Orphanage!
The world has been counting Salvador among the dead, but thank God, a friend like you rescued him — for just a few pennies.  These children from the orphanage are too poor to pay for medical treatment, education, food needs, and housing. Like other kids, Salvador is helpless, and he has been doomed. The first 1,000 days of a baby’s life are crucial to their future, let’s help such impoverished children from the orphanage— please be as generous as possible. Thank you!
P.S. Please help suffering children by giving generously to provide emergency food, medical, education and accommodation with clean water. Please respond now. Thank you.

The orphanage is still renting its facility as we progress towards completion of our new home for kids (estimated to cost $25K if we complete it all at once but $60K if completed a little at a time).  We need immediate rent fees in less than 72 hours for our kids to continue staying in the house we are renting, paying $360 X 3 months, or $1,080 for August-October rent.

There is also a need for food; it costs a total of $5,000 a month to run the orphanage home including feeding. We want to challenge all our readers, partners and friends to think of giving just $25, which would raise enough to pay Salvador’s medical treatment bills, rent and extra money for food. Thank you for your immediate online donation. You will be helping to save lives!

So please do not delay — respond now to Donate tonight!

  1. Salvador will die without medical care.
  2. Children from the orphanage home will die without food.
  3. Children will be back on the streets without rent payment.
  4. They are in desperate need — you and I can help them.
  5. It will cost more than $45,000 extra if we don’t raise the needed $15,000 at once to complete the partially constructed home.

Many times, life here seems hopeless — these children have no food, medical help, house rent, and still need an education. Even worse – as we are still not able to raise the needed money to complete our building, the orphanage home rent is due with less than 72 hours left to pay — placing infants and children at terrible risk. Tragically, worry continues to rapidly increase with all the other emergency needs ahead.
Right now, our Samuel’s Kids sponsorship program blesses children ages 5 and up. But it’s critically important that we also focus on those who are most vulnerable, orphans, and those with unidentified parents.

The Samuel’s Kids program is specifically for them, meeting their needs through educating and providing resources to enable them to live life to its full potential, motivated by our Christian faith as we serve them alongside the oppressed and those living in poverty as a demonstration of God’s love.

Please make your Online contribution now..…  and imagine the joy of these children in need that you’ll be helping — joy and gratitude for your help in saving the life of these precious little ones.

Any amount would help, whether $5, $25, $50, $100, more, or less. Just click on the link included to donate – Thank you for caring enough to help. If you have already donated, thank you, if you can’t help, share this with friends. If you have any other material gifts, please mail them to Samuel’s Kids Ministries International, P. O. Box 878, Mukono, Uganda, East Africa. Thank you for your generosity — giving them a solid foundation for the future.

Serving together,

Samuel Ssengooba