Samuel Ssengooba is the President/ C.E.O whose commitment in this work with children in Uganda began in 2003, he served the children in many various villages in 1998, Samuel came to meet Christ after losing his father at 3 years of age. He lived with his grandparents at almost no support and help- he started a life of supporting himself through charcoal sell, and got involved in roadside businesses trying to make life and supporting himself but still life was very complicated then. Because of the persecution and rejections he experienced through at his tender age, this drew him closer to chances of thinking about Eternal life. Samuel Ssengooba. M got to meet Christ in his life at his 11 years and continued his life after the encounter.
He then got involved in reaching out to many children in his village but his commitment began in 2003, after serving children in several villages and in 2005, Samuel had a disturbing dream of a child eating from a trash bin. When he awoke up, he felt strongly that although he only had a little to give, still he could provide something that would help the child in his dream survive.
Truly I tell you, Samuel’ dream became true before his eyes when a woman told him about a toddler- one and a Half year old girl (FAITH) – she was left wrapped in rags in a local canteen by an unscrupulous and unidentified parent. The Holy Spirit moved Samuel to take action. Soon, the number of children needing his help grew and today Samuel and his staff minister to 30 orphans and abandoned children including GRACE who lost her eye sight {Blind} due to malaria at their rented orphanage. Because of God’s saving mercy the kids, “Faith” and “Grace” today are growing up and lives with us at the orphanage.
Over the time, at Samuel’s early 20’s has made remarkable strides in his effort to nurture, care for, and give the children hope for a brighter future despite his meager and overstretched resources.  Today, the orphanage houses four full time caregivers who attend to the children’s spiritual, physical and emotional needs as they share the gospel to these children, under the supervision of the Board of Directors who are made up of local leaders and Pastors. Samuel’s Kids Ministries International ( formerly Children Saved by Jesus Ministry Uganda) is hoping to rescue and care for 100 orphans by the end of the year who have lost either one or both their parents due to HIV/AIDS and some have their parents terminally ill due to this disease. We are trusting God to be used to create a change in an aching communities throughout Ugandan villages. The Samuel’s Kids Ministries are actively seeking churches, individuals, scout troops, or other interested groups to lend their effort for this great mission work or outreach for the children ministry. WATCH THIS TO LEARN SAMUEL’S VISION!

robert-jrMukibii Jr Robert serves as the Project Coordinator born in Uganda, he gave his life to Christ in 1997 as His Lord and personal Savior, he took the role to rear himself in Christ and successfully shape himself into the man of God he is today. One key into his development, is keeping himself in the word of God and always to stay focused on God. As he grew spiritually he began to desire to know the meaning of being “filled with the Holy Spirit and knowing God on a personal level in each single day of his life”, he began to learn & study towards the teachings of the word of God “The Bible”. Robert is passionate to reach-out the Father’s love to many who have been heartbroken, hurt, depressed with disappointments, and mistreated through various circumstances of life, and cramped persons to come out of bondage and enter the realm of glorious light of God!
Robert is a Pastor (Pioneer of Destiny Church Uganda), writer, mentor and motivational speaker. He is a graduate of Kampala International University (Uganda) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management. Also, he has a Diploma in Theology from World Bible School-USA. Robert attended the School of Ministry in Shaftesbury Dorset UK, and Destiny College leadership Glasgow, Scotland, and later acquired qualifications in Resource (mineral) Processing under mining industry in Australia.
Over the past years, Robert has served as a youth and associate pastor in various churches in Africa, United Kingdom, and Australia. During this time, he has been blessed with the opportunity to preach the gospel of Christ in youth, women and men’s conferences, church services, workshops, seminars and crusades. Robert’s passion is to reach lives that have been ignored or shattered by life’s predicaments.
Robert is married to Gracia Mukiibi is a Congolese-born Australian freelance journalist, Author, human rights advocate, motivational speaker, and public servant. Gracia completed a double degree in Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies/ and Bachelor of Commerce, and a freelance journalism course at the age of 15 and has since had several articles published on social justice and youth related issues. She published her first book titled: A Little Recipe for Success in May 2012, aiming to empower and equip young people to take leadership and discover their life purpose. And she has been an active member of the community over the years and has received awards and recognition including the 2008 and 2009 Australian Defence Force Long Tan leadership and Teamwork Award, 2010 NSW CRC Young Volunteer of the Year, 2010 Wollongong Young Citizen of the Year, 2011 Young People’s Human Rights Medal Winner, named Woman of the Week by the Hoopla in December 2011; awarded the Outstanding Young Leaders Award by the African Australia Inc in 2012; and was a NSW Young Australian of the Year Finalist in 2013.
During the past decade Robert and Gracia have been a helping hand and a voice for the voiceless as they’ve implemented clean water facilities, feeding the hungry, paying tuition fees for vulnerable individuals, providing shelter to the homeless, counseling singles and young couples; empowering, mentoring and equipping leaders from different parts of the world. As a result, they saw a need to establish this organization so that many more lives can be reached-out, transformed and impacted. The Mukiibi’s family administers the Voice of Hope Ministries Inc in Australia.

Michael Tracy serves as the Fundraiser/ Treasurer Coordinator working for Samuel’s Kids Ministries International, his commitment in this work started back in 2010 after becoming a friend with Samuel. He worked on sponsorship program and has sponsored 2 kids until 2015 when he remained on team sponsoring Viola. He has loved to see the ministry’s growth in this short time. Tracy spend most of his time working and raising awareness on behalf of the Samuel’s Kids Ministries International. (More story continues soon!!!!)




solomon-mukonjoRev. Mukonjo Solomon serves as our Ugandan Board Adviser. He is married to with Mary Mukonjo who are the Administrative Bishop of Church of God World Missions in Uganda, and the Lead Pastor of Kamwokya Church of God in Uganda. His call in ministry started when he resigned from the Ugandan Force and started reaching out to the communities with the gospel message of Christ winning people’s Souls. (More story continues soon!!!!)





francisKimbugwe Francis Kenneth serves as the Ugandan Board Treasurer, he is also the Church Administrator & Ass. Pastor at Seeta Church of God. Recently he made his vows with Ann Mary Kimbugwe. Francis is a Lecturer at Makerere University Business School (MUBS)…. (More story continues soon!!!!)






Nabawanda Reginah serves as the Secretary of Samuel’s Kids Ministries International, who gave her life to Christ early in 2007 and started attending Christian fellowships for her personal growth. Later in 2010, she was married to Mr. Gittah Jonathan living now with just their 2 recent kids.  She is doing a part time job at Uganda Christian University Mukono since 2008 and working through Procurement Department. Recently, she applied to join Management Training and Advisory Center- Nakawa.(M.T.A.C) in order to upgrade in her Academic Career in Purchasing & Supply Management upon her Completion in 2014.
Regina is a Sunday School Teacher at Seeta Church of God where she serving her calling into Children’ Ministry. Back in 2008, Samuel- Director met with her through a local church where Samuel was carrying out a Children Leader’s Conference/ Workshop in Goma Sub- County, Mukono District, Uganda and after they had both meet, Samuel invited Regina to come and attend Sunday School workshops/ Training which where carried out by several facilitators including those from the States and within Uganda. Regina decided to join Samuel’s team and was under mentor ship training and later was inspired to join in the work of Children Ministry in Uganda.
It was in 2012 where Samuel went further to share his calling with her and involved Regina to attend several meetings, training, Leadership retreats and early in 2013, the new- First Board Meeting sat where they nominated Reginah to serve as the Board Secretary.

Ssonko Robinah Eve serves as the Director of Education, Life & Skills program who oversees the daily activities that helps kids to have skills. I am passionate about Life skills empowerment and mentorship of young people and women into realizing their self-worth, developing their Career and their contribution towards community development.
I started my career as a Business woman in Goma Division, Mukono where I closely interacted with young people in understanding their life’s transition into productive decision making, before joining the non-profit sector. I am currently an appointed Executive Board Member and also serves at my local Church, House of Blessings Seeta as Asst. Pastor & Children’s Leaders in my local Church.
My experience in community work drove me to be joined by Samuel’s Kids Ministries International into the establishment of Children’s Home Youth; a Child care ministry led by Samuel with existing structures in building the livelihood resilience of Children against the shocks of Orphanhood & Vulnerable Childhood in areas of Mukono District. (More story continues soon!!!!)

Martin Odio serves as the Director o Development, Communications and Missions.  He has lead several teams locally while doing different projects at Samuel’s Kids Ministries International in the past decades. Martin’s committed into this work started way back in 2008 when he meet with Samuel- founder of SA.KI.MI. While Samuel was speaking to a group of Children’s Leaders in Goma Sub-county in 2006, he meet with Martin who carried a similar vision and started working together. (More story continues soon!!!!)





Ms. Athieno Patience Brenda is a young Christian lady raised from Tororo in the Eastern Region of Uganda who joined our Organization early this year- 2017; she is a non Graduate from University as she completed her Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (U.A.C.E) 2016 from Rock High School- doing BCM/ICT. She will be working with us for a short time through August 2017 before she can join University to advance her Studies in Nursing at Mengo Hospital in Kampala (Uganda). We strongly believe w’ll be blessed as Samuel’s Kids Ministries International for the time she will be working here with us! Ms. Athieno is a Christian member at Church of Uganda- St. Peters Cathedral Tororo District- 4 hrs drive from Kampala. She is a Non Board Member.

 Ms. Athieno believes that she is who is today because of trusting in Jesus and committing her life to His full life- call, as she continually becomes more stronger to expect achieving high goals. She is passionate about working in Children, and she currently assist us in the Administration Section under Secretariat Department along with ensuring that an up to-date records of the Organization are properly kept and distributed to the relevant members as the case may be. She also assists us in doing part of the financial recording in the books of Accounts and assisting in receiving ministry general E-mails- communication as well as doing all other duties as assigned to her but reporting to the Director.

I realized in life it’s always hard to make everyone happy but it always feels good when a few can appreciate you once in a while. As simple as I may look, it may take one a couple of time to understand my ways. More of her life story will continue soon…………………..