With all friends generosity, we have been able to start on the building project (A Home for Kids). As a ministry we pray and desire to have this completed at the early of next year which is just 6 days left. In 2016 we have raised some funds from Samuel’s US Trip; Craft selling while in Uganda/ USA on my visit; Church & Individual contributions; One-Time Donations; Other sources for the ministry and through all these means of funds, there was some part of funds that could be saved towards the building a home for Kids! WATCH THIS VIDEO

Phase 3 Now- Dec 2016:

Completion of the Orphanage home- we have already started the construction of the new Home for kids but we are behind of $20,000 USD (Twenty thousand US Dollars) to complete the building. These funds needed now will help us meet the costs of Bricks, Sand, Stones, Cement, Ventilators, Pains, Iron Sheets, brights/ Timber, Nails, Water, and Labor to its completion and we will be able not to be renting in 2017. The Current cost of renting is $280 and we have been renting since 2006. I would like to challenge all my newsletter readers to prayerfully consider giving whether $15, $25, $35, $50, $100, $500, $1,000, less/ More than this to help complete the orphanage home, Pigs Project, Rent and Food for the Kids. All donations can be made through and please mark the purpose of your gift to the Ministry.
We will use your support where you need it most and here is the list of items needed to complete this home;
Bricks 20,000 at a cost of $2,400;
Sand – Stony sand 25 trips at $1,600 -Sandy for Plasta 55 trips at $2,710; Stones; Trips at $1,050; Ventilators 300 at a cost of $200; Pains 20 rolls at a cost of $240; Iron bars 65 pcs (Y16) at a cost of $1,625 7.
-60pcs of 6X2 at a cost of $300; -180pcs of 4X2 at a cost of $400; -210 pcs of 3X2 at a cost of $310; -50pcs of 3X4 at a cost of $200;
Membrane roofing:
-80 pcs at a cost of $1,040
Cements 300 bags at a cost of $6,000; Wheelbarrow 5 pcs at a cost of $200; Spades 10 pcs at a cost of $50; Square meter, and other items for building at a cost of $140;
Iron Sheet 160 pcs at a cost of $3,000;
Nails 160 kgs; inches at a cost of $90;  inches at a cost of $90; Inches at a cost of $90; inches at a cost of $80; 1 1/2 inches at a cost of $90; Nails at a cost of $80; Ridges 21 pcs at a cost of $200; Facial board 30pcs at a cost of $400; and Labor -Building labor and $1,500 -Iron Sheet roofing. Every little bit helps alot!   THE TOTAL COST IS $24,000.00 USD

Your Help!
On behalf of Samuel’s Kids, we would like to extend our request to pray and stand with us financially as we raise the needed funds over $20,000 USD (Twenty Thousand Dollars) needed to complete the house/ sides of the house up to roofing it that we are building and this will help us stop renting/ paying the USD 280 monthly that goes away in renting. The current materials needed at the above cost to complete the house includes such; Bricks, Sand, Stones, Cement, Ventilators, Pains, Iron Sheets, brights/ Timber, Nails, Water, and Labor. The budget can be provided upon request to see the total costs for the materials.  I want to challenge all my friends, readers, Prayer Partners/ Sponsors and Donors to each give at least $35, $50, $100, $500, $1,000, less/ More than this— whatever the Lord can put on your heart to help provide a Home for Samuel’s Kids in Uganda. 100% of all the funds you give towards this project will be used to complete this home for Kids.
A huge thanks to all our friends who have already donated like Della Schlup and a family “Steve & Pam, and Starr Ayers” that gave a big donation in October and August Respectively which pushed us to start this building with some starting materials, please receive our sincere appreciation for your investment in our ministry. WATCH THIS VIDEO Friends and readers, I want to challenge you to prayerfully consider a gift to give to help us complete this Home for Kids.

Thank you!
Ssengooba Samuel Mugabi
President & C.E.O
Samuel’s Kids Ministries International