As we are approaching Christmas, the ministry has an outreach activity; 2016 Kidz Camp… we are having over 1000 kids attending daily- teaching on Following Jesus, the Light of this World.
The ministry is reaching out to the Community of the most unreached and Unchurched kids.
God has been moving and doing wonderful things here for us using the team that is working here and serving the kids, this event is costing funds to meet the Kids needs who come to attend…

We are still continuing with our On-going projects of building the Children’s Home and our goal is stop renting by 2017. We have already received in some funds for the building construction…our goal is $20,000 (Twenty thousand Us Dollars) but we have just received 3/4 of this. Below is the picture of the building project….I want to challenge everyone to join with us as we raise the entire funds to complete the building. Our goal is to have this building finished by the end of 2016. It will have 8 rooms with a bathroom, toilet inside, sitting room, a Balcony and a shed for some space. Each room will be housing in 10 kids with 5 Bed bunkers, and a room for a care taker.
We are looking for friends who can support us to complete this cause. I want to challenge you as you read this post to stand with us and be part of what God is doing here in Uganda as we build a home for Ugandan Kids. Every dollar counts…  Please watch for full entire newsletter in the next few days for more pictures. And also, we want to encourage all our Newsletter readers to take a minute to pray and consider blessing our kids this Christmas Festival here at the Orphanage home. Your support will help us feed these kids! Mark every donation you give for its cause. Thank you for taking your time to learn more about what the Lord has been doing here lately and what project we are working on now, for all donations, please use the link button below. Merry Christmas and A prosperous New Year 2017!