As Christmas came to an end we are hearing the words “Happy New Year!” My best friends, the Kids and I have had this tradition we do every year for the last three days in years usually around the end of December but this time will be early Year going to a beach- Entebbe, where we will talk and pray about the past year and look ahead to the New Year.

We ponder and discuss all the interesting occurrences that happened the past year; the good times, the bad times, the frustrating times and the fun times. We share what valuable lessons we learned from our experiences, what God showed us and how He was faithful through all of it. We will do this on 1st January as a closure to 2016 and then an opening to the 2017. After we have laughed a while and then cried, we begin to look forward with great excitement, wondering what God has for us this new year. What new experiences will we go through and what new lessons will we learn. It’s all fresh and new and that is exciting. WATCH THIS VIDEO 

In doing this I believe it helps us to view each year as a season, understanding that God is Sovereign and has new seasons of experiences and growth to make us more like Christ. I can testify there were times we went through seasons of grief and there were also times we experienced seasons of joy.

It helps me to remember that God is in total control and that we are constantly growing as His children and that He knows the plans He has for us. Plans of new wisdom, insight and understanding that He wants to impart to us, if we will allow Him to.

It also gives us a fresh new outlook of the coming year and enables us to leave the past where it belongs, not that we forget the past but learn from it and move forward into our present future with opened hearts and minds to receive whatever God has for us.

With that said, I put together nine ways we can view the New Year and every year as 2017 is a Year of:

  1. New Beginnings: Start out the New Year with a fresh point of view to new experiences, memories and blessings. Having an opened mind and heart to where ever the Lord may take you with full assurance and confidence that He is with you. (Matthew 28:19-20)
  2. New Possibilities: There’s no limit to what God can do in your life and nothing is impossible with God. God opens doors that no man can shut and also closes doors that no man can open. The possibilities are endless with God that is according to His will. (Philippians 4:13)
  3. New Plans: Every year is a new season, be prayerful of what God has planned for you and be willing to walk by faith in obedience as you follow His leading. Remember that His plans are always for good and not for evil to give you a future and a Hope. (Jeremiah 29:11-13)
  4. New Purpose: As you forge ahead, God always has a plan and a purpose for what you will go through and experience. Remember that God always has a reason for what He allows in your life and through it you can trust Him completely. (Proverbs 1:3-5)
  5. New Provisions: The bible says to not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow has enough worries of it’s own. Trust in your Heavenly Father who knows everything you need, who is your God and your Provider. He is faithful and He will do it. (Matthew 6:1-33)
  6. New Growth: When we are willing to let go and let God work in us and through us, He will always stretch us and grow us. It is an important part of the growth process. Continue to grow in your relationship with Him and in His Word. Pray for God to mold you and make you pliable in the potters hand and then watch the master craftsman work on His masterpiece; which is you!
  7. New Wisdom: With new experiences and new lessons come new wisdom and insight. Always make it a priority to seek out wisdom as hidden treasure or fine gold. In Proverbs it says that it will be like a garland of grace around your neck and honor you and present you with a crown of splendor. (Proverbs 4:7-9)
  8. Renewed Peace: As you go through new experiences and new adventures whether they are good or bad, my encouragement is to keep your eyes fixed on Christ and He will give you rest and peace, because He is our peace and loves you and cares for you deeply. (John 16:33)
  9. Ministry Work: Let this year be your going an extra mile and serve those in the 3rd world, pray about going on a mission trip. I rejoiced when they said unto me: ‘Let us go unto the house of the LORD. … I have rejoiced in those saying to me, ‘To the house of Jehovah we go. … desire our Christian friends, when they have any good work in hand, to call for us, and take us with them.  WATCH THIS VIDEO

Keep in mind that if even the wicked give good gifts to their children how much more will your Heavenly Father give to those that ask Him? (Matthew 7:7-11)

To all our Newsletter Readers, the clock is ticking for the vulnerable—ticking away towards sickness, hunger, poverty, homeless, Needy/ Vulnerable or and, Orphans. But you can help stop the clock and save lives with Samuel’s Kids. A Mission You Can Believe In. A Charity You Can Trust.  Make a gift before the end of December 31  2016 and help bring critical relief to children and orphans in desperate need.

Apart from Mission work, Kidz Camp, Children’s Leaders’ Training in Busia, Samuel’s US Trip (May-Sept), a Visit in Kenya and other parts of the World both in Uganda and Outside, 2016 has brought a lot on our way and we  praise God for all that He has seen us through. We did applied for several grants from different Missions but their response has been on hold (may not mention the Organisation/ Churches/ Companies due to some privacy) but our hope is is still on hold-We are thankful to God for all the Achievements we have with just our regular donors/ Partners’ faithful giving for this work and we have had some Completed Projects both the Chicks, and Pigs.

With your faithful giving, we have been able to accomplish 2 projects both the Chicken Project (290) though we have lost over 20 due to bad weather in the last days and the 2. Pigs project of just 6 pigs need more 20 pigs @ at $30. We have enough room to rare over 20 more we are still looking for right now. There are 12 rooms in the pig parlor we built. WATCH THIS VIDEO  Whether $15, $30, $35/ more or less, all the donations for this project will help us complete the Pig Project as we set up a full income generating for the ministry- please mark with your donation for Pig project.


With all friends generosity, we have been able to start on the building project (A Home for Kids). As a ministry we pray and desire to have this completed at the early of next year which is just 6 days left. In 2016 we have raised some funds from Samuel’s US Trip; Craft selling while in Uganda/ USA on my visit; Church & Individual contributions; One-Time Donations; Other sources for the ministry and through all these means of funds, there was some part of funds that could be saved towards the building a home for Kids! WATCH THIS VIDEO

On behalf of Samuel’s Kids, we would like to extend our request to pray and stand with us financially as we raise the needed funds over $20,000 USD (Twenty Thousand Dollars) needed to complete the house/ sides of the house up to roofing it that we are building and this will help us stop renting/ paying the USD 280 monthly that goes away in renting. The current materials needed at the above cost to complete the house includes such; Bricks, Sand, Stones, Cement, Ventilators, Pains, Iron Sheets, brights/ Timber, Nails, Water, and Labor. The budget can be provided upon request to see the total costs for the materials.  I want to challenge all my friends, readers, Prayer Partners/ Sponsors and Donors to each give at least $35, $50, $100, $500, $1,000, less/ More than this— whatever the Lord can put on your heart to help provide a Home for Samuel’s Kids in Uganda. 100% of all the funds you give towards this project will be used to complete this home for Kids.
A huge thanks to all our friends who have already donated like Della Schlup and a family “Steve & Pam, and Starr Ayers” that gave a big donation in October and August Respectively which pushed us to start this building with some starting materials, please receive our sincere appreciation for your investment in our ministry. WATCH THIS VIDEO Friends and readers, I want to challenge you to prayerfully consider a gift to give to help us complete this Home for Kids.

1. Pray for more wisdom, knowledge and understanding from God as we labor in doing this work and good end of 2016 as we cross over in 2017 in just 4 days.

2. Pray for more monthly support to feed, Accommodate and support the work of ministering to this orphanage and how you can support this work! We still need $2,800 in our monthly fund to meet the budget for this work.

 December Critical needs- especially with the feeding cost of $900, Rent for Dec $250 X 1 month, more beds, and blankets  for kids.

4. Completion of the Orphanage home- we have already started the construction of the new Home for kids but we are behind of $20,000 USD (Twenty thousand US Dollars) to complete the building. These funds needed now will help us meet the costs of Bricks, Sand, Stones, Cement, Ventilators, Pains, Iron Sheets, brights/ Timber, Nails, Water, and Labor to its completion and we will be able not to be renting in 2017. The Current cost of renting is $280 and we have been renting since 2006.

5. All our ministry partners, Sponsors and Donors who are struggling financially and can’t afford their monthly commitment to help with this work. We have had 3 of our sponsors facing a very huge medical bills due to the on-going/upcoming Surgeries and this brings in more kids to find them other sponsors. Currently we still have 10 unsponsored kids at the Center.

6. Pray for Samuel”s Upcoming US Trip in July- November 2017; During my visit I will share and speak in several Church services, give reports on the ministry, how the kids have been living for these years/ how funds donated have been spent/ sharing with partners what are the future plans for the ministry, meet many of the ministry sponsors, making connections and teaming up with new and current partners, meeting up with willing Missionaries to visit Uganda in future, generating new ideas and techniques for the entire ministry and how we can really excel in caring for more children.  And I will be able to attend the 2017 KidMin Conference in Chicago, I will be able to learn more and new skills with other Children Ministry Leaders around the world. I believe this will be a great connection as well for me and the ministry in Uganda.

7.  I would like to challenge all my newsletter readers to prayerfully consider giving whether $15, $25, $35, $50, $100, $500, $1,000, less/ More than this to help complete the orphanage home, Pigs Project, Rent and Food for the Kids. All donations can be made through and please mark the purpose of your gift to the Ministry. We will use your support where you need it most. Every little bit helps a lot!

Samuel M. Ssengooba, President/ CEO
Samuel’s Kids Ministries International