Merry Christmas and Happy New 2018!
We hope God grants you peace and time with your family this Christ. We are so appreciative for all of our friends, family and partners across the world- thank you for being in our lives! So…the biggest news for us this year…WE ARE STILL WORKING ON COMPLETING THE ORPHANAGE HOME! We’re looking forward to move the kids in by next year-2018 from renting to their own facility.
This December our very own Kids from Samuel’s Kids are preparing for the Upcoming Kids’ Camp from 11th-15th Dec, 2017 in Uganda expecting to reach out 1,400 kids from nearby communities as a Christmas event to share Christ with them. “We share the real meaning of Christmas and tell them about the gift of life Christ offers to all who believe.” Because of your generous gifts each year, thousands of children are invited to special Christmas Party, feeding them as they hear the clear message of the Gospel spoken in simple terms they can understand. Each of our team members stays vigilant to be true to the Bible and what God teaches. Jesus Christ came to this earth, born as a tiny baby – fully man, fully God – to give us an opportunity to all who believe to have eternal life with Him.

Samuel’s Visit in U.S.A…
I cannot believe my Three months trip in the States went by so fast! I will be heading back home this weekend with gifts from most of you waiting to share all the love and joy from friends and partners back with kids. I had a very busy travel schedule these past three months one different state per week sometimes. I visited/spoke in Chicago, KY, TN, IL, N.C, CA, AZ, GA, OH (with several I was in twice like KY and IL) going through different other States. It was my honor to be speaking and share about our mission in Uganda in those Churches, families and different groups with an opportunity to sell our merchandise from Kids trying to raise funds for the orphanage.

Samuel’s Kids Ministries Int’l Rescuing kids…

SALVADOR, 6 Click on name to see him first day at the Orphanage! He was deserted in the house by his parents; they locked him up in a store. He was rescued by our ministry recently when the police contacted us because they trust our ministry. His life condition was not good; malnourished, weak, restless and dehydrated with poor mental set up being not stable.  He was found Ion deficiency Anemia with a lot of bacteria and Infection in his body and skin. With your prayers and support, Salvador was rescued on 7/26/2017 and has a better future at our home with new bedding, clothing and enjoys the 3 meals daily, Click here SALVADOR for updates!

FAITH, 12 Click on her name to hear how Faith who was abandoned by Un identified and unscrupulous parents in a market store at 1 ½ yrs. Samuel’s had just started Children ministry but when he learned about this little girl, he was moved to take action- the orphanage was established later in 2006 and today there are more than 30 kids like Faith being rescued by our ministry. Such kids are alive today because of your help and support at Samuel’s Kids Orphanage home- dreams to become a Doctor.

GRACE, 14 Click on the name to learn how she was born with sight but lost it at 3 yrs after receiving poor medical services when she was suffering from malaria & Typhoid (common in Uganda), her father died in a car wreck and this left her a hopeless & helpless child in life, today Grace has Jesus as she lives at the orphanage with many future opportunities to work in Health Department! She loves singing, and listening to stories.

Samuel’s Kids Projects..
Samuel’s Kids Ministries Int’l owns a farm of Pigs and a Cow on the property where they carry on garden and early this week we are celebrating our new breeds in the pig project with two still in Gestation period hoping in about One-two weeks from now! This is their first breed and so we received five (5) piglets adding on the available Breeds. This project was set up as an Income project for the ministry.
Fundraising Update…
We have raised new partners, funds, and friends! Thank you so much for your continued support with Samuel’s Kids Ministries International. I’m deeply grateful for your commitment to help the unprivileged kids from Uganda at Samuel’s Kids Ministries International.
With help from friends like you, we are saving lives — transforming Orphans— and empowering communities in Uganda through the love of Jesus. It’s why I’m thankful for compassionate people like you.

Building Project Update…
With all recent gifts, we are praising the Lord that we have been able to raise $3,347 out of our goal of $38,500 as we still part to work on completing the Orphanage home. We are only $35,153 far from the goal of $38,500 required to purchase all remaining materials in order to complete the home for kids; such materials for roofing, Iron sheets, ceiling, walls, windows & doors, glasses, tiles, water & Electricity installation equipment, and labor before we can move the kids by January 2018, we will be able to rescue up to 100 kids DONATE NOW

We would like to challenge all our friends, readers & prayer partners to consider whatever amount whether or a One-time donation towards this project. You may give the entire requested amount, or specify your own amount to give part of the total and share the gift with other donors. Make a  DONATION NOW or Checks can be paid to the order of Inspire Mission300 Pat Dixon Road, Hazlehurst GA 31539. Memo: Samuel’s Kids Project.


  1.   Pray about partnering with us to reach our goal for the building project, we are only $35,153 far from the goal of $38,500 (so far raised $3,348 which has been recently sent to get more work done), the funds are needed immediately to help us complete the Orphanage and move the kids by January 2018 from renting to their own facility.
  2.    Pray about sponsoring a child with $40 a month; SPONSOR A CHILD or you could just give to GENERAL DONATION general needs, it cost $6,000 a month to run an orphanage home and their care takers.
  3. Please pray for our U.S nonprofit status application process and our Team on the Board (Both the Ugandan Board and U.S Board)
  4. Please pray for the Upcoming Kids’ Camp in Uganda from Dec 11-15, 2017, we are expecting 1,400 kids to attend this and we will be sharing Christ to these kids.
  5. Pray that even when he travels back, the word may still be shared in many other different states to raise awareness and funds for the ministry, and if you have any open opportunities to add him speak in your Church next year (2018), please contact us at E-Mail US  for better arrangements.
  6. Be in prayers for these Kids at the Orphanage home, we have so far rescued 30 kids who have lost both or one of their parents due to HIV/AIDS and these kids who have no mom and Dad.

I would like to encourage you share this newsletter with your friends in your contact, for more info contact us at E-Mail US,  or Call our Office line +1-618- 303- 9213, if you are in Uganda +256-701- 439- 943, we would love to hear from you! For Donations;

Yours in the love for Kids in Uganda, and the service of Christ!
Samuel S. Mugabi,
Samuel’s Kids Ministries International