sam_0170Make a donation – make a one-time donation to Samuel’s Kids Ministries International (SA. KI. MI) or give regularly to help even more. All donations are significant and we appreciate the generosity of all who give.
To do this noble work effectively, the Orphanage and Ministry needs your support. Whether you are able to support us financially or not, we thank you for standing with us in your prayers and taking time to learn and Share with your family/ friends about our work.
We hope that you find it informative and inspiring to be part of this work in supporting these kids today. Find out how you too can be part of ‘Creating Change in Aching Communities; like Mukono- Uganda. We welcome your interest in and participation with our work. Outstanding stewardship is more than a priority at Samuel’s Kids Ministries International- we are committed to invest 100 percent of gifts (minus bank charges and administration fees, approx. 5-10% of total gifts received) received into the Samuel’s Kids Ministries International into front-line ministry that directly benefits children. Our desire is to be an organisation worthy of your trust. We are committed to integrity not just in our work with children.