This morning we have got a letter that I will be sharing later with you all demanding us money for rent. Since we shared our need; 5 friends stood with us to raise over $240 out of $ $840 needed to pay tonight for Jan-March rent for the building we are using to house the Kids- each month we pay $280.00 USD and we pay in 3 quarters Annually. And there is no food at the orphanage to feed the kids. We are looking for more 65 people each contributing $20.00 USD to help us raise enough funds for Rent & Food. You may give via this link at if you can help! Every $$ adds up something, If you can’t help, pray share and invite a friend to help. We will appreciate everyone’s support as we help these kids to continue having a place they can call home and feeding them tonight. Our rent payment deadline was yesterday the 10th Jan 2017 and we are always charged with a late fee payment– this affects our programs and budget.

Below is the house we are renting now each month at $280.00 USD









Below is the Home we are building; Just more $19.000.00 USD Needed to complete the home! 

I would like to challenge all my newsletter readers to prayerfully consider giving whether $35, $50, $100, $500, $1,000, less/ More than this to help complete the orphanage home— whatever the Lord can put on your heart to help provide a Home for Samuel’s Kids in Uganda. 100% of all the funds you give towards this project will be used to complete this home for Kids, there will be no more renting upon completing this home for kids.  The current materials needed at the above cost to complete the house includes such; Bricks, Sand, Stones, Cement, Ventilators, Pains, Iron Sheets, brights/ Timber, Nails, Water, and Labor. The budget can be provided upon request to see the total costs for the materials. Donate

Thank you all for your support….God’s richest blessings to you all!I want to challenge all the readers to stand with us financially and also pray that we may complete our building- the home for kids…there is still a far phase to go. Below is the where we are now on the building..

Thank you!
Ssengooba Samuel Mugabi
President & C.E.O
Samuel’s Kids Ministries International