Hi! As a missionary in Uganda, this year again, I took a trip here in the States in September traveling through December. I visiting several states while here and this weekend I am looking forward to meet those long friends here in San Diego, California after spending a couple of weeks in North Carolina (many other States on list). I hope you will take a couple of minutes to get to know what has been happening with me and at Samuel’s Kids through the snapshots and read my updates about each of them. With my little Alcatel phone, I snap more than 50 photographs which I choose to post on my face book. It becomes hard to choose just a few favorites. Some, I hope, will make you smile.

Today am in CA enjoying the beautiful weather outside and meeting new friends. Whenever we get on road going somewhere, all my imaginations would be on Ugandan roads with the bump traffic. However, I like the place and enjoys the beauty here.

Others, maybe will give you pause for thought including those I receive from Uganda at the ministry center.  Whenever I receive those from Uganda almost daily, I really feel like dancing as I am with them.
It’s a great time to reflect on those very first hard moments when Salvador arrived at our Orphanage. I believe most of you saw how he was but we can’t deny the fact that God is doing amazing things in his life to improve each day. He is improving and I enjoy every time I see him smiling at me on Skype and face book video chatting. I can’t wait for those 27 days a head of me to hug him again….probably at Entebbe Int’l Airport, Uganda.

SALVADOR, 7 yrs was deserted in the house by his parents, they locked him up in a store. He was rescued by our ministry recently in July after the police having contacted us because they trust our ministry in the community.  His life condition was not good, he was a malnourished, weak, restless and dehydrated. His mental set up is not yet stable, and found Ion deficiency Anemia with a lot of bacteria and Infection in his body and skin. So far with the help of friends and prayers across the global, we have done all our best to provide medical care with a new bed, clothes and providing him with food supplements that can help his life be restored! He is progress one step at time though still not able to talk, only following directions and he likes to play around with other kids! Thank you Nick!

To many families, friends and churches! Thank you for signing up to sponsor a child at Samuel’s Kids Ministries International– it’s our pleasure to see what God has in store for this ministry and for the kids from the Orphanage as we continue to touch, and transform their lives for a better future. This is possible because of generous and faithful friends like you. 

Your prayers and partnership allow Samuel’s Kids Ministries International (S.K.M) to do what Christ has called us to do: Serve the Orphans, and Vulnerable Children. Not just in short-term … but in long-term work as Christ said, a true religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in our distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Samuel’s Kids focuses on “Child Sponsorship, Feeding, Education, Medical help, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional guidance, and providing a better safe environment “a place to call home” where many other groups may not want to go to serve those in need. And by the grace of God, through support of dedicated partners like you, we are helping to change children’s lives in Uganda — providing a place to call home.

Samuel’s owns a Male cow, 8 pigs at their small farm with a garden on it. This has been set aside as another way of providing food for the kids (30) at the Orphanage in Uganda. But also as a source of income, we are expecting to have our pigs multiply with piglets by December this year, we still have much room to expend this project and looking for a financial way on the expansion.
Samuel has received in some more seeds as a culture on his U.S Trip annually such as beans, cucumber, carrots, beans, peas, pumpkins, and several other seeds which he will be taking with him on the plane back to Uganda.
Currently, our garden in Uganda is doing well with enough required rain during this season of the year hoping to harvest late December, and we hope to resume our Chicken project 2018.

Samuel’s Kids Ministries Int’l has been committed since 2008  to it’s dedicated work with orphan children, families in different communities in Uganda, Africa to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty, injustice and HIV/AIDS.  We serve all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender throughout the areas of Uganda,

The ministry is in the process of applying for Nonprofit  status.   We have assembled a Board of Directors in the USA, now raising the $1200 to process the necessary paperwork for approval. Please be in prayer with us that all of this will go smoothly and we will be approved for Nonprofit status. Coming soon is a detailed page on our website with Bio Data.


Samuel is visiting in the United States trying to raise money ($38,500 to help us purchase more materials needed to complete this building  (Orphanage Home) and such materials needed includes; Iron sheets, roofing materials, more doors needed, windows and their glasses, working on walls, floor, & Ceiling, painting, labor and other materials) so that we move in the Kids by January 2018. We have raised 3.89% of  $38,500 needed for the completion of this project- WATCH THIS! We would like to challenge all our friends, readers & prayer partners to consider whatever amount whether a One-time donation or any amount, every little bit helps- small or big to help us meet the goal and complete this home approximately to house in 100 kids upon completion. This will help us not worry any more with rent challenges monthly. If you would like to make a donation for this project, click on the link below DONATE NOW or you can mail a Check to the order of Inspire Mission300 Pat Dixon Road, Hazlehurst GA 31539. U. S Memo: Samuel’s Kids Project.  Thank you so much for your support!


  1. Samuel’s trip here in the States to go on smoothly as he travels to raise awareness and funds for the ministry through December 10 (more 27 days before he can fly back to Uganda.
  2. The process of applying for the U.S Nonprofit Status for Samuel’s Kids Ministries International and our U.S Board (10 people) for more wisdom as we continue to brainstorm ideas for the ministry and our next meeting on November 30, 2017.
  3. The urgent funds needed to complete the Orphanage home building- requires $38,500 including Iron sheets, roofing materials, more doors needed, windows and their glasses, working on walls, floor, & Ceiling, painting, labor and other materials. And we will move the existing kids from renting to the new home built by January 2018,  DONATE NOW
  4. More support and sponsors needed to meet 100% of the Orphanage monthly budget for the 30 kids their Care takers, it requires $6,000 a month.

Thanks for taking the time to look, read and be joyful with me!

Yours, in the love of Orphan children in Uganda and the service of Christ,

Samuel S. Mugabi
Samuel’s Kids Ministries International