Dear all our readers,

    1. Tonight we are looking for 168 people each donating at least 10 to help at the Orphanage home in Uganda meet one of the two critical needs right now there in less than 48 hours.

1. Feeding the kids with $600 & together with their Care takers.

2. Immediate funds for Rent (October & December) each month requires $360 to make a total of $1080 for the 3 months needed.

With your help, we can rescue these kids during these hard times and give them hope, can I count you in, then click on this link DONATE to support, for your gift. Every dollars helps!

THE NEW HOME FOR KIDS- Under Final Phase (Construction)

The ministry has made its progress to roof, part of it’s new building facility (Soon a home for kids, 2018 January) which will house approximately 80-100 kids by January 2018. Our great need now is to raise the required funds to complete this soon- new home for kids; purchasing more required materials- doors, windows, iron sheets, timber, cement, work on ceiling,walls & floor and getting all other materials needed now to complete this home for Ugandan kids. We ca’t wait to share with you updates in our next newsletter!


  1. Samuel’s trip here in the States to go on smoothly as he travels to raise awareness and funds for the ministry.
  2. Pray for our New U.S Board (10 people) on the team from Illinois, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Hawaii, and Uganda who will serve on our Staff in America,  pray for God’s guidance for our team as we try to assemble this team in the USA. The task ahead for the team is heavy with all other responsibilities. Pray for our 2ND U.S Board Meeting scheduled on 9/11/2017.
  3. Supporting the Ugandan kids (30 kids & 4 Care takers at the orphanage home) requires $6,000 USD monthly.
  4. We are in the process of applying for a Nonprofit Status in America (Ongoing process) will cost $1200 USD,pray for smooth process and that we may be granted the legal documents needed for the ministry. 
  5. To complete the roofing for the Orphanage home we are building in Uganda requires another $38,500 USD CHECK PHOTOS HERE
  6. Move the Existing kids from renting an Orphanage facility in Uganda to the new home by January 2018.

I would like to challenge all our readers to donate just $10, $15, $25 or even more to help Kids get food, Pay Rent, and complete the New building that is under construction.

Thank you for your support! Your generous gift will be used to meet the most critical needs of Samuel’s Kids and meeting their General needs towards the orphanage home.


Samuel M. Ssengooba,
President/ CEO
Samuel’s Kids Ministries International