Every year God has blessed Samuel’s Kids Ministries International to reach more and more children in new communities with the Gospel. We wanted to stop, take a moment, and THANK YOfor being a part of this ministry.
img_1620Is it not like our God to use a small group of children’s workers to save a mighty nation? THANK YOU for being one of the many people that do so much to take the Gospel to Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day and for helping those in Needy community like our Orphanage Home in Mukono, Uganda.  To show you how powerful your involvement is with this ministry, we wanted to take you inside, click on the link for video Busia VBS Sept/ 2016  we reached out to 500 kids in Busia in the Sept upon my return back in Uganda. 20160915_111208And the Conference was 20160914_163508attended by 800 adult people among these were Children’s Leaders, Pastors and community while I was speaking about Children Ministry. 

We would like to extend out sincere joy to all our new and old sponsors who choose to help support our work. There is a slight increase in monthly sponsors, upon Samuel’s 2016 US Trip, we got in several other monthly sponsors but still the need is great!

img_2395img_2470It is a joy for the kids to go to school daily. Every month with your financial gifts we are able to end all forms of human poverty bu equipping the community where these kids lives. In order to care for these most vulnerable children, we partner with people just like you to build transformation relationships so God’s purpose is revealed in each child we serve. With just $35, you can change a Child’s life, and would you consider helping a child today!

img_2229We are happy that our kids get some extra time after school and house work to stretch out and enjoy their 
img_2266evening..just with football using their old ball can bring them a small. However, Kids like Grace with disability (Grace lost her Eye Sight) due to Malaria finds it hard to enjoy her day with a lot…she sometimes play a lone depending on her interests…most the of the time, she is involved in playing with her bear….a gift to the ministry from Michele a couple of years. Many of kids love to play like other American, Canada or Australian kids: A gift of items to play with would be appreciated.

img_2434Every year, I spend a couple of months in the States living a good but different life- that I am proud and pleased of, it takes about an hour to do all the laundry while in the States with just a cost of Electricity–i have enjoyed this life whenever I travel but again it takes me time to get used again with my normal life here in Uganda; doing laundry, Missing Re-filling at different events, Dessert, KFC- my most favorable meal, stroganoff recipe, Air Conditioner and many more others..Life at orphanage becomes normal upon the 2nd week on my arrival even when I try my best to extend a couple of months….it would cost a fortune to maintain my US Gained weight! At no cost, the orphanage home is able to do all their laundry with hands, however, its a the most tiresome task for me and the kids to do this ever since I started traveling- we are very happy family while doing this locally but would be much happy to live similar life!

img_2159img_2136The orphanage feeds up to 36 people including the 5 Care takers; however, this has been the most challenging to run this daily ministry. We have been lately depending on $40 per week with makes it hard for the stuff and the Kids to have a better life. It costs about $800 monthly to feed the kids but we have been living at 5% of the monthly budget to feed the kids. We are still pray that the Lord may multiply our finances in order to provide full meals 3 times a day to God’s children.

Across the fields of yesterday, He sometimes comes to me. A little lad just back from play- The lad I used to be.
And yet he smiles so wistfully Once he has crept with, I wonder if he hopes to see The Man I might have been.
fn-2img_1638I love this poem by Thomas Jones, Jr. I am keeping it with me now to over 4 years–ever since I discovered it. There’s something in it that reminds me that I have an obligation to the child I was was. His hopes and aspirations about the kids of person she’d grow up to be are dependent on me. I carry his dreams. I also carry his wounds, his fears, his history.
I know there were days that my family wasn’t sure where our next meal would come from. That sense of being deprived and at risk stalks me to this day when even our kids are going hungry-it affects their choices.  Have you ever stopped to consider that the less-than-healthy habits you have could come from the cries of the child you once were? Addictions, patterns, hangups?
img_1634Those of us who are giving our lives to ministering to Children may need to remember the child we once were. Perhaps he or she needs some kind of ministry as well. When I realized the fears I still carried within me, I considered what I would do if this were my child. Would I scold and cajole? No, I would hold their hands, soothe them, listen to them, and help them find courage. I would remind them of their God’s goodness and His outpouring of grace and abundance in my life. I would in essence, minister to them. I’ve been amazed at the freedom and the awareness of just stopping to listen to “the lad I used to be” I would like to challenge all my readers to donate just $10.00, $15, $25 or even more for our rent or food or medical needs.Prayer Request:
1. Pray for more wisdom, knowledge and understanding in dealing with ministering to these Kids.
2. Pray for more monthly support to feed, Accommodate and support the work of ministering to this orphanage and how you can support this work!
3. October Critical needs- especially with the feeding cost of $800, Rent for Oct-Dec $250 X 3 months, more beds, blankets and bed sheets for kids. A total of $2,300 still needed on our monthly budget for this work.
4. Expansion of the Orphanage home- need funds for construction of the new Home for kids at the ministry property.
5. For the forth Coming Kidz Annual Camp in Dec 11th- 16th 2016 in Mubende District; we need your help with the kids Camp.
6. More 15 sponsors needed to sponsor the unsponsored kids at the Orphanage home/ General partners with us in this work.
7. Pray for our new Chicken Project (300 Chicks) that we are trying to start with next Monday 24th Oc after losing our project due to poison by our neighbor.
8. Missionaries at the Orphanage are greatly welcome, pray for the 2017 Team that plans to visit at our Center.
9.  I would like to challenge all my readers to donate just $10.00, $15, $25 or even more for our rent or food or medical needs, all donations can be given via  Donate
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Samuel M. Ssengooba, President/ CEO
Samuel’s Kids Ministries International