Dear Friends,

Samuel’s Kids Ministries International can only achieve its goals with the assistance of generous donations from friends like you for our community. Without these donations, serving those in our area would not be possible.

Since our organization relies on the generosity of individuals like you, we write to ask you to consider a monthly donation by giving $40 per month (or whatever amount God leads you to pledge), or to sponsor a specific child monthly. We are finding that with our monthly budget of $6,000.00, it costs us about $183 USD to fully provide for each child per month. Since a sponsorship is $40 per month that means it takes more than $40 per child to provide the needs per month for each child – so we are looking for more people to support for these children, with any extra money collected going into an emergency fund or to cover children who are not fully sponsored. Of the 150 sponsors needed, we rejoice that we already have 21 generous sponsors committed monthly. We just need 129 additional sponsors who will faithfully give $40 each month. This would cover our monthly budget of $6,000, taking care of the basic needs of the orphanage each month.

Tentative monthly budget is below (E-mail us if you would like receive the entire detailed budget).

  • Accommodation                                            =               $682.00
  • Feeding                                                             =               $1,200.00
  • Medical Check-Up                                        =                $683.00
  • Water/ Electricity Bills                               =                $200.00
  • Hygiene- Orphanage Home Needs         =               $350.00
  • Education & Kids Sponsorship;
    Primary Kids              =                $880.00
    Secondary Kids         =                 $325.00
    University/ College Kids =                $430.00
  • Clothing & School Requirements           =                $550.00
  • Administration Costs                                 =                 $300.00
  • Local Mission Costs                                 =                 $365.00
    MONTHLY COSTS REQUIRES  =              $6,000.00

Your financial gift of $40 each month will bring hope and change to a sponsored child’s life and community. Through your sponsorship, you’ll help Samuel’s Kids Orphanage assist your child’s entire community and your Child will be blessed with:

    •  Improved nutrition
  • Access to clean water to drink
  • Clothing
    •   A poverty- busting education
    • Child Sponsorship program- a better education
  • Medical treatment for our children from the Orphanage
  • Charitable projects to create a safe environment where children thrive
  • The knowledge that someone loves them and wants them to succeed
  • Hope for a better life
  • Life-changing training for parents on how to care for their children
    Sponsored child will be happy and proud to receive a letter or even a parcel from their sponsors!

As a sponsor, you will be blessed with:

  • The knowledge that YOU stepped in to help end poverty in the life of a child
  • The opportunity to communicate directly with the child you sponsor
  • Updated on the life of your sponsor child, including a recent photo of the child and prayer requests from the community
  • Important reports of progress in the country where your sponsored child lives

By giving toward this monthly budget, you’ll be supporting this cause and helping us provide assistance to the children in our community. We ask that you please consider a sponsorship donation of $40. Your donation will be recognized by your sponsored child in several ways. As a sponsor, your name will be shared with the child and an exchange of letters that express your child’s support.

We hope that we can count on you to help support our cause. You will be contacted in the next several days. If you are interested in making a donation, you can do so by using our link  Donate or PayPal Email: – if you wish to donate with a check, pay to the order of “Inspire Missions.” and send to 300 Pat Dixon Road, Hazlehurst GA 31539 U.S. Memo: Samuel’s Kids Project. 

We would like to challenge all our readers to join our current sponsors giving monthly support, or donate whatever amount the Lord leads you to give; whether $30, $35, $40, or even more, giving monthly support to help us help these kids live a transformed life, please click DONATE  to place your donation, if you can donate, please do. If you can’t, please share and get the word out.

If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please feel free to contact us at the above address, or give us a call, email, or FB message with any questions or concerns.  Remember to sign up for our Monthly Newsletter today, see “Sign-Up For Newsletter” box. We thank you in advance for your consideration- support!

                                                         PRAYER REQUEST: 
Pray for 129 more monthly donors or sponsors to join the team tonight. 

2. The funds to pay for the Orphanage Home – the June 26 deadline covers July, August, and September: Each month it costs $350 for rent, electricity, and water bills – this is a very critical need before the deadline.

3. Completion of the Orphanage Home structure, which we are working on, still requires over $20,000 to complete the entire building.

4. Pray for our Team; Nicholas and Michele Triplett are coming from Monticello, IL, USA, to visit the Orphanage Home next month, July 16-26, 2017. They will be arriving at Entebbe International Airport on Tuesday July 18 around 1:50 pm and depart back on the 26th around 4:10 pm. Remember their family and friends who will be missing them for those few days while in Africa for a mission.

5. Pray for the Leaders’ Training in Kiboga / Mubende on July 20 as Michele, Nicholas, and Samuel (Uganda) will be ministering.

6. Pray right now on how God can lead you to support Samuel’s Kids Ministries International today and feel free to proceed below with placing your gift to this ministry.  There is a Donate button below this line: