Dear friends,

We find ourselves in a unique situation today. Please pray for God’s grace and mercy for our children and our ministry.

Here is the situation:

We need to be moved out of our current home and into our new home on our own land by January 15. This will cost a total of $1,920. This will enable us to be free from paying rent! Our current rent is $720, so after moving, we will break even in 3 or 4 months. (See below for more details about the situation.)

Here is the breakdown for the funds needed:
Back rent                                $720
Repairs and vacating fees    $300
Moving van, etc.                     $900
Total needed                       $1,920 

Please pray for our needs at this time and consider how you could help us financially. You can donate via or our PayPal account at

Thank you for your prayers and gifts!


Samuel Ssengooba Mugabi
Founder, Samuel’s Kids Ministries International

  1. The urgency of moving is caused by this situation:
    1. Our landlady has gone to a government official with her demands for extra rent money for previous months. The amount she is demanding is $720. This official upheld her demand.
    2. She claims she sent us a letter about the increase in rent months ago. We did not receive such a letter until recently. Also, she had been taking our rent payments at the original amount without any comment. Therefore, we believe she is lying and taking advantage of us.
    3. The cost to get a lawyer and contest her claim would be more expensive than paying what she is demanding.
    4. We also will need to pay $300 for repairs and fees before moving
  2.  The total owed to the landlady before moving will be $1,020.
    1. It wouldn’t be prudent to move without paying the fees because the landlady padlocks the large gate on the house and we can’t remove the large items (beds, etc.) until she unlocks it.
    2. We only have access to the small gate that the items will not fit through. The beds, etc. that we can’t get through the small gate cost $4,580 originally, so it doesn’t make sense to leave without them.
  3. Moving costs (renting a van, etc.) will be about $900.
  4. Remember to pray also for us even when we move, we find it easy to complete the new home (Orphanage home) we are about to complete.You may give the entire requested amount, or specify your own amount to give part of the total and share the gift with other donors. Make a DONATION  today and serve our kids!