Hi! Am Benjamin Ssekamate, I am 17years and I was born on 10th of October, I come from a family of 9 children, we are 3 (three) boys and four (4) sisters. I am the 7th child in our family. Our family has struggled through family neglect and other personal challenges. Such kind of life has caused misunderstandings in our family. My mother started gardening to earn a living as a source of income with some poultry farming and later came to learn a lot about Samuel’s Kids Ministry. The ministry took in us with their support and I joined to stay at the orphanage in June 2009.
I have been supported and have been allowed to access many opportunities in my life that I never had in my life before such includes going to school, learn more about God and eat 3 meals a day, attend devotions and have been given hope at the orphanage home. I now have a stable family, environment and emotional support like any other child, I have accessed things in my life like clean water, nutritious food, Education and above all spiritual life as I grows up to be a healthy and productive boy.
My favorite is Sports, Games and some kids of rock music and I would like to become a Media Presenter after my studies and when I grow up, I would like to be among those people who voice out the needs of other desperate children who have lived a rejected life.