Hi My names are Kizza Daphine, I was born on 7 July and I am 8years of age .I come from a family of 5 children, I am the third child and my father died of AIDS in 2007, so my mom had to take me stay with Grandfather who later took me again to my grandmother to stay there as he never had money to help me and him. I have grown up in a bigger hood life, my elder brother in law fall concerned for our needs, he came and took me but because he had a young marriage, I could not be treated well from there until when he brought me back to my mother .Mom had started living her own life and used to drink a lot, many nights she could lock us inside and get to go to brewing, we had no place to live in so over time Mom could shift from home to another and we survived living on our step family’ little support. My mother was marriage to 3 man who took her into his home but he was of 2 wives and we all lived in his house, we used to stay in a house made of grass for several years after we were chased out from mom’s small place she used to rent for our living because we had owned a high rant bill and could not stay in this house .She later got employed to work in a carpentry workshop walking 8 miles to work at times she could not come back home and was influenced by groups to start whisking too at a very early age. It was then a neighbor who took us and made an announcement after not seeing our mother for a while whether someone had an idea where she is, but no avail. It happened that many times we ate the contents of fly infected dustbins on the streets as people watched me despair to numb the pain of our hunger.
My grandmother was advised to seek support from an organization and we came to Samuel’s Kids Orphanage, and God wiped away our tears from our constraints in life and by July 2011 started living with Uncle Samuel after meeting him. I started living at the home and with these wonderful kids, I have lived to experience many opportunities through my life that I would never   had in my life before; I have got to go to school through I have not got a sponsor yet, I go to church eat three meals every day, I learn about God and His kingdom, take a shower in an actual bathroom every day, I have a nice bed, I attend devotions daily mornings and evenings. I have been given hope at the orphanage home have a stable family, environment and emotional support like any other child, I have accessed things in my life like clean water, nutritious food, Education and above all spiritual life as I grows up to be a healthy and productive girl, my favorite things that I like to do most in my life is Athletics, creative dances and traditional dance, I like reading novels, literature books, and I like netball. I am more than determined to achieve my dream of becoming a Teacher, I ask God to bless me with one sponsor that may help me achieve my goal in life