My is Faith Kwagala Nankinga and am already Sponsored now by Nick and family from Louisiana. I was left alone to be with my mum on 19 march 2004, by that time I had 4 teeth up and down, my mum dumped me at Seeta, where I was abandoned and I was very weak and sick due to no support from my family. She dumped me at Seeta Market place with no clothes and no support. No one could Identity her up no but I was taken to the hospital by the lady called Resty who brought me from that place where I was abandoned and named me after her name Nankinga. I was admitted for three days in the hospital because this lady felt favor and she decided to stay with me as her personal daughter. I had nothing my mum left with me and I was real necked when she left me neglected and suffering from Kwashiorkor. I really struggled from fatigue, diarrhea, loss of muscle mass, edema (swelling), changes of my skin and hair color, failed to gain weight and my immune systems where damages with a lot of severe and more frequent infections on my body.  There was no hope in my life before and still not hoping to see my really biological family and clan. I have decided to follow to Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior and today I am living at the Orphanage home. After my studies I would like to become a doctor and work with malnourished children in different communities. I am thankful to God for my loving sponsor family who supports me on a regular basis and meet my life needs,  my education costs at the Orphanage in Uganda.