Hi! My name is Nakatte Gloria, I was born on 21st of July and I am now 7 years of age. I came to C.S.JEMI- Uganda Orphanage home earlier of December 2012, I lived with both my parents and I am the seconding born child of the 2 kids in our family. Both my parents have lived in misunderstanding and continuous struggle in their relationship which caused my mother to move away to another village, my father had no job for a while and my mother could not support me and my little brother since she lost her saloon Job too, we could not have a meal in day which could force my mother many times to take me to her village staying with my old grandmother who was also a drunkenness and could get in back late because of his peer group. My dad was also influenced to live his own life for a 6 months which made my mother to drop me at the orphanage home in favor that she will come back to take me where she will be, after sometime when my was not seeing my dad, she got another man who had little space in his room and could not allow me to stay in, mom promised me to stay with grandma until when she has settled and get back to me that she can stay with me, care for me and my brother. I was taken to live with my grandmother who never had much support to help and many days and nights we could sleep without food at home. I have witnessed my mother so many times struggling to find something to do that she may earn a living but it could not really work out, both my parents had meet Uncle Samuel for a while and used to have me spend most time staying at Uncle Samuel’s orphanage home, I have got to go to church, eat three times a day have lots of friends at the orphanage home and a few tools to play with, learn about God and his kingdom, take a shower in an actual bathroom 2 times a day, I have a nice bed to sleep in, and I attend devotions every day- in the morning and night. I would live to become a Certified Primary Teacher; I desperately need a Sponsor in my life. Click below to Gloria’s story