My name is Grace Muwanguzi, I am 13yrs now and my D.O.B on 9th March. I was attacked with a serious fever which damaged my sight after being admitted at the local pharmacy and spent over 79 hours in comma while I was in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and this damaged all my system that I even lost my eye sight then. This struggle was not possible to be solved since both my parents had already separated and my father could not support to pay for my medical bills. I ended up with no sight because there was no money for surgery that could help restore my sight again,
Together with my mom and some family members were taken to live with our grandparents looking for help but still suffered a lot as we were denied from this support. My father used our in-laws to chase us away from where we had moved to. My mother started a small business of charcoal burning, firewood, and at times fetching water for some neighbors to earn a living but the support was still little and our situation of living worsened. My Aunt started renting us a house to stay in but there was no job to sustain our living and finally our properties were thrown outside after failing to pay the bills for more than 8 months. We lived in a church for a year as a rescue house for a while but later the Samuel’s Kids Ministry rescued me in November 2009 where I started a new life together with my mom. I am very happy for a new life, and I can attend school. I want to be a medical Consultant after my studies. I can only read and write with the help of Stylus, Perkin braille and brail papers. I like to listen to stories of different things in the world and still hope to recover my sight.