My names are Muyambi Timothy, I was born on 30 of December, and I am now 6 years of age. Our family has died of AIDS, they both left me alone and I was taken to my grandmother’s place up living on street. My father had no any help for us, no relatives could be of help to me, I was chased away most of the times because everyone could fear to take me in for help thinking I will not settle and live no harmony with their children since they were used of seeing me sleeping on cement and many times we lacked where to sleep other than in unfinished people’ houses. I lived many days not eating a normal meal, no covering myself, neither dressing something, the more life was had the more my mother was also becoming more ill with no help to treat her from HIV/AIDS. There was no help for her, this same condition caused to become more drunker- boozing around but with all that, there came a man whom we stayed with for about a week but later ran away because there was no much help to others than leaving the old poor Mom   to look for something for us, the man was boozing every time; morning through night. Finally Mom started selling to other people her little items and some from this man’s house like saucepans, knives and others to earn a living for that time, and also raising some help to travel to one of the government hospital for her treatment from there. Because of no much help, evil friend took her to some witch doctors seeking help from there but also asked to pay some money there which could also not help ease the situation. Would like to become a Mechanic Engineer, after my studies and I need someone to sponsor me into school