My name is Sylvia Nakamya, 16yrs, born in June 8th. I come from a family of 7 children but am the 5th born child. I came in this Orphanage home in May 2015; I lived with my Christian parents who are poor that they could not afford my school tuition. We lived in a very remote village. One of my Aunts from the town came to pick me and take me to her home, so that I could go to a new good school and also pay for my school tuition. After the first term holidays, I would go back to my Auntie’s home. I used to wake up every morning to pray but my Aunt was not pleased since she was not a Christian. One time the Aunt took away my Devotional scripture I was trying to read about a scripture for my life and stopped me from going to Church and used to wake me up very early in the morning to do all the house work such that I wouldn’t get time to pray and read my inspirational scriptures. Unfortunately, my Aunt told me to make a choice either to stop being a Christian or to go back to my poor parents. This meant that I would no longer attend school, have good life, eat well, and be dressed well. Guess what!!!! I chose to go back to my poor parents. I kept on being a Christian and prayed earnestly to God. After six months, one of our Pastor had invited Samuels’ Kids Ministry to hold a Kid’s Camp at our church and during this camp it’s where I was blessed to meet the Samuel’s Kids Director, Uncle Samuel when I was ministering through music in this camp and his ministry liked me so much that they wanted to learn more about me, Uncle Samuel offered us an invitation to go in Kampala and visit his orphanage and the ministry so that we could spend a Christmas holiday there and indeed it happened. While there I got to share more about my life and he promised my poor family to bring me stays with his other orphans in May.