Hi! My name is Ssemanda George Robert. I was born on 30thof August and I am 12 years of age. I come from a family of 2 children. Around January 28th 2002 my father died after a constant and immediate severe headache pain. Before his death, he had already abandoned me to his grandmother where life was very hard for me and I could live in a misery situation until when my mother took me to her grandparents promising me she would come back after a short time to take with me, in 2003 when I was 4 years she came back but with no much help, I spent over 2 years home without schooling and started making money through making bricks at my early age of 6 years trying to raise enough to start supporting myself towards my education and the overwhelming needs, I lived in being chased back home with no money to help me that when time comes to go back after raising some money, I will not be chased away from school- so most of my times was spent in brickyard but many times people could frustrate me especially when they could not pay me simply because I was too young in brick making system. Uncle Samuel came to know about me alongside the streets trying to ask for help and immediately he investigated about who I was, he came back after a week after knowing where he could find when he needed how to help.

Around July 2011, and since he took me in, I started living with him and other kids here. I have lived to experience many opportunities through my life that I would never had in my life before. I have been given hope at the orphanage home, have a stable family, environment and emotional support like any other child. I am seeking for someone to sponsor me into school so that I can become a mechanical engineer.