Namugambe comes from a family of 3 children her mother gave birth to her while she was still in primary school. I am sponsored by Pamela from IL. I was born on 5th October 2000, and her father left her mother when she was 4 months pregnant, that she went to live with her grand parents until when he gave birth in 2000 without seeing her husband not until when the baby was at the age of 3 years. He was doing plumbing at the same time working as a motorcyclist man. The mother started to make bricks as well as a canteen attendant to earn a living but still they often struggled a lot, Uncle Samuel meet this family from a church friend contact of how they where struggling and through effective prayers talked with them that finally he started living with this little girl at the Orphanage home since August 2010. Today Resty is very happy, she wants to become a Primary Teacher, interested in Dancing, drama and would like to do Youth ministry. I am thankful to God for my sponsor family who supports me on a regular basis and meet my life needs, my education costs at the Orphanage in Uganda.