I come from a family of 4 children and I was born on 24 May. I am already sponsored by Paulette & a family from Louisiana. I was not born in the hospital due to lack of support by my father who was careless. I was raised from my uncle’s home where I kept cattle but no money for living. Eventually my sister brought me to her house but I was not treated well because her husband suspected that I was her child, it was very hard when my sister divorced her husband. When I was 9 years my nephew came and took me where I started fishing to help and support my family. Eventually my aunt came and stated living with me on her meager support, I had no money for school but later I went to a government school at a late age but still struggled to meet the costs. I often stayed home working fetching water in people’s houses and slashing bushes to earn money for tuition and food for the family. Eventually we could not pay our bills and we were evicted until a friend helped provide money to rent to a small house. During this time I attended the church where I prayed and sought help from God , Uncle Samuel met me and learned my story after he preached in the children’s camp in Wakiso church where he brought me on march 2011 to live in the orphanage home where I being given full attention and  care. I interesting in playing soccer and watching science fiction movies. After my studies I want to become a mechanical Engineer and I desire to do pastoral ministry. I am thankful to God for my sponsor family who supports me on a regular basis and meet my life needs, my education costs at the Orphanage in Uganda.