Hey my names are Trina Kisakye Gloria, my Sponsor lives in IL, Boolingbrook, by names of Michelle G. I was born on 9 of December, I come from an illiterate family of 7 children- with no one ever been graduated/ completed University school due to lack of money to go and complete school- I am the sixth born, and in all my life before coming at the orphanage home I was raised by my Aunt in her own small home, and eventually my step sister took me in her house. Because of their little support I was moved to my step family who later decided to care for me on their meager support. Uncle Samuel from Samuel’s Kids Ministries International found me in a miserable situation with no hope in my future and took me at this orphanage home in 2011 March, I have lived with him for more than 3 years and living here has allowed me to have many opportunities that I never expected into my life and I would never have had before I have had an many opportunity to go to church, eat three times a day, take a shower in an actual bathroom 2 times a day, I get to sleep in a nice bed and I always enjoy my sleep, got many friends here at the orphanage, have had time to play with them and got to learn each other, I attend devotions daily to a minimum of 2 times a day, I would like to become a Certified Nurse after my studies, I am thankful to God for my loving sponsor family who supports me on a regular basis and meet my life needs,  my education costs at the Orphanage in Uganda.