The Birth Of Samuel’s Kids Ministries International (SA.KI.MI)

Samuel’s Kids Orphanage is caring for 30 kids, most who have lost either one or both of their parents due to HIV/AIDS or other causes. The ministry started in the heart of Samuel who grew up orphaned after losing his Father, whom he had never met. When Samuel was 3 years old, he was living a helpless life with no hope – being raised by his old grandmother in their village, along with his 2 siblings.
Samuel would do all the housework, along with working local jobs to provide for the large family. Later, in early 1998, he experienced Christ, and his life was changed. In 2003, he made a commitment to reach out to other kids from the village, sharing with them the love of Christ through the Gospel message.  In 2005, after serving children in several villages, he had a disturbing dream of a child eating from a trash bin.  He woke up!  Although he had little to give, he felt strongly that he still could provide something that would help children, like the one in his dream, to survive.
This truly came to life before his eyes when a woman told Samuel about a toddler, a 1 1/2-year-old girl, who was abandoned, left wrapped in rags in a local canteen by an unscrupulous and unidentified parent.  The Holy Spirit moved Samuel to take action. Soon the number of children needing his help grew, and today he and the staff are ministering to 30 kids with hope to help over 100 kids who have lost either one or both parents due to HIV/AIDS, and those who are struggling to find a place of home in their lives. The ministry is continuing to provide support to these kids such includes; feeding and housing the kids, providing medical support, and meeting their general needs.

Early January we had a small group of two friends from the U.S. volunteer at the orphanage home for 4 days. January 21st, 27th, 28th, and 31st. At the orphanage home we have received a  WaterStep Chlorine Generator. Deborah Payne, from KY and Lynn Smith from AL on behalf of MedWater, traveled to Uganda to work with a group of women. They were able to introduce and/or install a water chlorination system, train kids on how to treat water, explain steps for securing a healthier future for their families and communities. They installed a WATER COLLECTION TANK and also the TIP TAPS to help kids wash their hands after using latrines/ when their hands gets dirty- this is to improve health and hygiene of the kids living at the Orphanage home. This project was funded by members of UNION CHURCH BEREA KENTUCKY  A huge thank you to Union Church.

More Work Done During the Visit!
The group worked together with the KWDT. You can watch more videos of this project:Here’s a Fun Moment: and also one when Kids Were Singing some local songs for our dearest friends. Such songs are posted in blue words- please take a minute to listen to our wonderful kids singing here Kids Welcoming Friends. We had a couple of days working together to provide safe water for kids living at the orphanage. Samuel’s Kids Ministries International is still looking for any interested party, individuals, families, and churches that might be willing to take up mission trips to Uganda! We value your talents, and through your service you can change hundreds of kids, a community, and someone’s future.


 With your Sponsorship you can Change A Child’s Life Story. Of the 30 kids, we still have more kids on the waiting list- a total of 10 kids still need sponsors. Also during Samuel’s visit to the states, it was near the time of the presidential elections. Without being fully informed about the presidential candidates, Samuel made a judgement error and brought American politics into some of the talks at some of the places he visited with friends. Unfortunately, this lapse judgement caused some people to withdraw as sponsors and our ministry has suffered a considerable loss in funding.
Samuel realize now that he should never have brought up politics and will not do so in the future. Now, more than ever, due to the loss of these sponsors we have a pressing financial needs; Feb-April rent each month at $280, Feeding 30 kids + 4 Care Takers at $1,500 monthly, completing the New home kids requiring $18,000. More funds needed in our monthly budget of $5,000 U.S dollars to continue with the task. Donate For Building Project
Please pray to God to raise up new sponsors to fill the huge gaps left behind. Pray for encouragement and hope for Samuel’s Kids, the kids on the waiting list for sponsors, the staff. Help us get some more new sponsors today. It would mean the world to the kids if you could spend $5 on our cause. We’re only asking because we really need to see that all these kids go to school. We are now looking for 10 people/ families, a group that can contribute $50- this will help sponsor a child for their education, buy a new School Uniform, Books, Scholastic materials/ requirements. If you can afford sponsoring a child, CLICK HERE TO SPONSOR. If you are not able to sponsor, please share with a friend. Remember, Uganda is a country about 41 million population; 1.5 million people live with HIV/AIDS, 2.7 Million are orphans- 33% are orphans, 39.7% of children are married before age of 18 yrs, 25.4% suffers child labor, 24.5 are living on less than $1.25 per day. Your Gift can change someone’s life.

We are grateful for the steps we have made during this time as we continue to build the home for kids in Uganda. In the last couple of weeks, the orphanage home is on beam level Future Home For Kids! This is 8 rooms, and each room is 12 x 17. Our next phase, Phase 5, is to roof the house, insert doors and windows, lay the floor. We will eventually start to plastering, connect electricity and running water.  Phase 5 is very costly, requiring $15,000 U.S. dollars. U.S.dollars. This will help cover the following costs: 124 iron sheets, timbers (55 pcs of timber 6X2 inches; 180 pcs of 4X2 inches; 210 pcs of 3X2 inches, and 46 pcs of 3X4 inches), 3 trips of Lintel Concrete, 10 trips of Ballast / Aggregate, 12 trips of Hard Cores, 10 pcs of Iron Bars / Metal, 25 kgs of Roofing Nails, Pipeline, 35 pcs of Ridges, Binding Wire, 6 Rolls of Wall Pass, 27 pcs Facial Boards, 15 bags of Cement, 8 Metal Windows, 8 Medium Windows for Bathrooms, 9 Bathroom Doors, 10 trips of Building Sand, 25 trips of Plastering Sand, Rubber Wash, and 5 rolls of Hoop Iron. We want to challenge you right now to pray over this, and consider giving a one-time donation. Now, more than ever, due to low funds coming in, we have this pressing financial project to complete the home for kids, it will cost $18,000.00 U.S. dollars to finish this house. Stand with in prayers. Every dollar towards this project will help us complete this home and we will not be renting anymore! Remember it costs us $280 to house kids in this rented home. Building this house will save $  and enable us to help more kids!

January Praise Report!
1. Completion of Phase 4 of the New Home for Kids we are trying to build.
2. Safe Water Installation at the Orphanage home by MedWater Team from U.S- Deborah from Kentucky & Lynn Smith from Alabama.
3. Successful Installation of Tip Taps, Rain Tank Installation and 4 Days Training at the Orphanage about Safe water, Hygiene and General Healthy care.
4. Generous Donors who supported our ministry with their financial gifts in the month of January and all our prayer partners.
5. Growth in our pig’s project (6 pigs) for future income generating in the ministry and the Orphanage.
6. Gift Were- a little girl from the orphanage swallowed the Ugandan coin but she is improving now!

February Prayer Request!
1. Pray for God’s wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, as the primary care takers at the orphanage home ministers to these kids.

2. More monthly partners needed; we need $5,000 more in our Monthly Fund Project/ Budget to help us move on with the work being done here. The funds will help us on educating kids, feeding them, provide accommodation, Medical care, Child’s personal needs, Can we count you on the new partners we are looking.

3. Rent and food is still a challenge; as the orphanage continues to rent, we still struggle to meet the rent, and in time there is a fine attached. February – April 2017 has not been met, and it’s a policy we pay for three months in advance. Each month it requires $280.00 U.S dollars to rent, and feeding kids requires $1,500 U.S.D a month. These are the most critical needs the orphanage home is facing right now.

4. Ten (10) kids need to be sponsored, it cost $ for a child to go to school. We are looking for a family that can give whether $15.00, $25.00 or $50 U.S  or more for dollars a month or just providing education through sending a child to school costs $35.00 monthly.

 Completion of the new home for kids we are building- we need $18,000 U.S dollars to move on the next Phase and this will involve getting the house upto roofing. These funds will cover the costs to get all materials needed from Phase 4 to the completion of the home. In order to move, a financial gift on this phase is urgently needed. Pray to God for this house to be completed and we will save $  and enable us to help more kids!

We would like to challenge all my readers to make a donation in supporting this work, just $10.00, $15.00, $25.00, or more to help with rent, food, or medical needs.  For any gift, click Donate  and place your love gift.

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Thank you for being part of this ministry and trusting us with your / God’s resources!!

Samuel M. Ssengooba, President/ CEO
Samuel’s Kids Ministries International