Orphan Care

We are a local based organization that empower orphans and vulnerable through capacity building of families, support and bring hope to them through addressing their basic needs including food, shelter, bedding, medical care, education through sponsorship and other necessities to empower and realize the young generation.

Together with our donors, community, area churches and ministry partners in the U.S. and elsewhere, we will fulfill the commission of James 1.27 by building a children’s home to care for orphaned children, provide them with medical care, provide education and connect them with forever families. We will also concentrate efforts in building satellite rural group homes in remote villages where orphan care is not as readily available. Where possible, we will do whatever is necessary to reconcile the children to their biological families. Institutionalization will be a last resort.

Generation Building
We will build a community of love, learning and leadership to equip orphaned children and teenagers to be ready to live full, God-honoring lives and to break the cycle of hurt in their families. This will include schooling as well as vocational training and mentoring programs. We will connect with trusted partners in Uganda to accomplish this, as those partnerships form.

Children’ Leaders Training
Believing that the greatest need of Uganda is a well-trained, well-equipped, Spirit-filled church, we provide affordable local training to area Children’ and Local Pastors, Youth Pastors and other staff members in Children Ministry.

Spiritual Nourishment
We also equip and train Sunday school teachers/ Children Pastors and workers in the area of spiritual outreach to children in different communities, as well as supporting socio-economic development; Child Evangelism, promote the children’s talents, ingenuity and spiritual gifts in art, handcraft, music, Dance and Drama through offering training to organized children with the emphasis on equipping young generation; promote and facilitate programs and projects aimed at lifting the standards of lives of people in communities and to teach life application skills like crafts in order to empower them alleviate from poverty and attain the basic necessities of life, and to do all such other lawful activities or conducive to the attainment of the organization’s objectives as may be lawful under the Laws of Uganda or elsewhere for the benefit of Children, orphans and needy children in the community.