Agmt 1Friends,
Today, I need some little help on behalf of the kids to pay for the Orphanage rent & its bills (Rent, Electricity & Water at $280 per month) Required to pay for Sept- Dec 2016. Urgently before 6th Sept and there is a effect from 1st Sept. And Each time we pay for 3-months, the property is a late fee payment of $100 in addition to monthly after 6th Sept. I am looking for friends who can support towards this cause in anyway you can to raise $280 X 4= (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 2016); All donations can be made online athttps://samuelskids.org/donate/ And every $ towards this would highly be appreciated from you for these kids.
The attachments were received today in the email, (pls take a look and read). We need some more friends to help with the Orphanage rent. There are 4 (four) care takers & the orphanage houses 30 kids who are being trained to grow up God’s fearing; well behaved, knows rules & regulations, love to play & they are loyal– loving to live a happy life like anyone in the world. There is no any other place they can stay at yet loosing this house is at a high rate, the owners were in politics back in Uganda and they owe a huge bill, so any chances of delaying to pay rent in time bring a high chancAgmt 2e to loose this house yet there would be no place kids can go to on a short notice.
Today, we invite all our dearest friends, prayer partners and sponsors, friends of friends and anyone reading this post to prayerfully consider partnering with this ministry in whatever way God leads you! We invite you to join with us as we reach a goal of $1,120.00 that will pay for the Rent in the next 4 months (Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec 2016), we are already behind since the payment was supposed to be made on 9/1/16. The most hard part has been for any late payment there is a late fee charge of $100 in addition to the month fare which apply for the 3/ 4 months period until the next payment is to be made.
We are looking for friends who could join with us tonight to meet this CRITICAL need now! Can we count on you, please click on this link for your donation  https://samuelskids.org/donate/ 


And we will post an update once the goal has made, remember to invite a friend or a family member who might be of some help as well. If you can wire it direct to Uganda and you have already got the info, please go ahead to do so and let us know about this so that way we can keep posting about our friends and donors who might wish to give, all the funds will help stabilize the rent issue. And you can check out this link of a video made out at this orphanage home  Watch This Video God bless you and thanks for your consideration to help these kids stay in the house while am still away!


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