Land/ Building Project


I hope this finds you doing well. So if you are either sitting at home or in the office, I hope you join us and share the message with your friends.
If you are unable to donate, please don’t fret. Just you visiting the page and sharing means a lot and really helps the campaign- I’m trying to reach out to as many of you as possible.

I got involved in reaching out to many children in my village at my 11 yrs but my commitment began in 2003, after serving children in several villages and in 2005, I had a disturbing dream of a child eating from a trash bin.
When I awoke up, I felt strongly that although I only had a little to give, still I could provide something that would help the child in my dream survive.

Truly I tell you, my dream became true before my eyes when a woman told me about a toddler- one and a Half year old girl (FAITH) – she was left wrapped in rags in a local canteen by an unscrupulous and unidentified parent. The Holy Spirit moved me to take action. Soon, the number of children needing my help grew and today I and the staff minister to 26 orphans and abandoned children including GRACE who lost her eye sight {Blind} due to malaria at their rented orphanage.

Over the time, we have made remarkable strides in our effort to nurture, care for, and give the children hope for a brighter future despite our meager and overstretched resources creating a change in an aching community. We are renting a building to rescue many orphans in our community with hopes to rescue over 100 kids who have lost either one of both of their parents due to HIV/AIDS and some have their parents terminally ill due to this disease.

The ministry and the entire orphanage is seeking for your support to build a permanent home on its new land facility to continue serve the children’s spiritual, physical and emotional needs as we share the gospel to them. We are setting up a temporary structure for a primary school, Children’s Community Church and a sustainable project of rearing chickens as well.

Considering the circumstances, the need for donations is urgent. Any amount God is placing on your hear for this cause whether small or big will help, but if you are unable to donate I appreciate you taking the time to read and share this message. – Learn more at

Thank you for taking the time to read this, joining us and sharing this with other friends. I continue to praise you all for your help and want you to know we appreciate all your efforts! Remember, none of this can be done without YOU.
May God Bless you, and your entire family in advance!
As always, stay Safe


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